개막작 OPENING FILM : 감독들의 15초 자기소개서 GFSF Film makers' Selfie

<GFSF Film makers' Selfie>

올해 경기필름스쿨페스티벌 2020의 개막작 'GFSF film makers' selfie'은 국내외 영화학교의 출품 감독들이 보내온 15초 자기소개 영상입니다. 코로나 19로 직접 만나지 못한 영상으로나마 한 작품으로 소개되어 '서로 작품을 통해 만난다'는 의미를 깊이 새깁니다.

The opening film of this year's Gyeonggi Film School Festival 2020 'GFSF film makers' selfie' is a 15-second self-introduction video sent by directors from domestic and foreign film schools. It was introduced as a piece of video that we couldn't meet in person through Covid-19, and the meaning of meeting each other is deeply engraved.